Thursday, September 13, 2012


make me small
make me fit on the head of a pin
then jab it at my heart
make me small
wadded into a ball
of aluminum foil still warm
and salty from a potato
then wing me
at the nearest family member
and we will all laugh
I want to cry
My heart stays just below my eyes
and if I think too much
or if I feel
I'll just leak and then
have to explain
or worse
no one


She said,
"Surrender!" over and over
and I bucked against the command
I bowed my head
again and again
in the picture of subservience
in the image of obedience
and acquiescence
in my Heart
in my Heart
there was Rage.
Not the impotent foot-stamping tantrum
but an ill tide
forever lapping away at my foundation.
of the house I built
of the house I am building
I don't know.
"Surrender?" I ask myself.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I just realized something about my self.
At a deeper level.
Like seeing the ground up close
From a distance it looks like a lush grass field
but when you get right in it
it's sparse grass and dirt
and you wonder
how do the horses survive out here.

I land in the dust between blades
of course,
late summer grass.

There is no one here.
No one is allowed
to trample what little grass there is.
There is
and old sign with faded letters
urgency lost, now a mere suggestion
Keep Off the Grass.
What a miser, they must think me
but really for me not wanting
anyone to see
what needs more water and care
and I need a couple more angels
bending over me whispering
"grow! grow!"
Be careful what you wish for
Because growing comes with pains
but it also comes with rains
which is good for grass anyway.
And we always know spring from fall
by the gravity and what it pulls
rain from heaven
or leaf from tree
finally down to me
until I'm flat on my back
in the cool young grass

and now it's Spring.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Imagine It.

it's not that the world
is going to hell in a 
it's just that hell
might not be
we imagine it.
we imagine it.

it's not that the world
will ever achieve
Utopian Dream
which seems
to be
quite how
we imagine it.
we imagine it.

it's not that the world
is any different
than any of us
and our longing to be
safe, free; and it's not
all of
who swim 
in greed
it's not how 
we imagine it.
we imagine it.

its not that the world
is without; it's within
deed eventually
or fears
we imagine it.
we imagine it.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


finely silence
right now
finally silence

I'm all here
coming up for air
stillness after
not all or nothing
sometime or never
it's always unfolding
now and forever

finely comes
finally now
when heart
cracked like
raw egg
but exploded like
a grenade
or the thunder
low rumble
breaks violent

it comes out in what I say
but frustrated political tirade
or just holding the space
tipping the balance
when the world seems to fray

finely silence
right now
and this outpouring
is like a flow
of warm
Her Hug
saying well done
let it out
let it out
I can breathe
for the first time
finely now
finally now.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Slim Morning

Slim Morning  ~ Lali

She is stirring
in our room
I can hear
the dogs move
I know she'll be
getting up soon
The sun is
barely up
it's not yet
and I wish
she was sleeping
til noon

It's not that
I don't love
her constant
Or wish she
were other
than mine
It's just that
Is a rare
And one I see
as sublime

My artist
is a hermit
a focused
who doesn't care
who she may hurt
It's hard for my ego
To clean up
as we go
but if you go hard
yer gonna
eat dirt

(c) 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012

Coming to America

The CorpWhoreRations are trying to
land back
on our shores
The Second Tide of White
Greed come back
with hand, with hat
Stretched out like the Prodigal Father
returned to the arms of his
starving homeless orphans.
When he sails by Lady Liberty
Do you think he gets on one knee and
begs forgiveness,
gives her some jewelry,
slides his hand under her dress
To get a little feel of see if the fields are still fertile
enough to grow blood turnips?
squeeze us again in your arms and wrap a boa (constrictor) around our necks
bedeck us in bling and bitches and riches and three lattees a day
so we remember who you wanted us to be
open your mouths
good little consumers
Daddy is coming home.

If I had my way
and when you roll up on the boat,
I'd turn you right back around and say
"We have enough of your kind here"

~Lali 2012